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Facts: 90% of all websites don't get traffic.

    The top three websites on Google's first page earn 40% - 50% more than any other websites.

    The average person only looks on the first and second page when searching for something.

    The Yellow Pages are dead...This traditional advertising doesn't work as good as it used too.

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More facts about the internet:

                      Youtube - over 1 billion people visiting every month.
                      Dailymotion - over 105 million visitors per month.
                      Vimeo - 170 mm views per month.
                      Yahoo Answers - 33,090,163 unique visitors till 2009.
                      Quora - 500,000 unique visitors per month.
                      Blurtit - an average of 12.5 ,illion visitors per month.
                      Slideshare - 215 million page views per month.
                      Google Plus - 200 million visitors per month.
                      Wikipedia - 9, 087,383 views per hour.
                     11% of people on earth use Facebook.
                     190 million people visit Twitter every month.
                      Reddit.com - around 300,000 visitors per month.
                      Scrubd - around 1,542,130 visits per month.
                      Wikispace - around 37,000 searchers per month.
                      Wordpress - around 2,065,700 visitors per month.
                     Tumblr - around 16,698,380 searchers per month.
                      Folkd - around 40,000 searchers per month.
                     Stumbleupon - followed by 688k people per month.
                     Diigo - searched by 50,000 viewers per month.
                     Slashdot - monthly viewers per month.
                     Weebly - around 1,783,780 visitors per month.
                     Ezinarticles - monthly searchers around 1,245,000.

The best traffic you can get is search engine traffic because it is continuous, targeted and free! People search on Google to find your website to make a purchase from your business.

The fact is, generating traffic is the lifeblood of your online business, but many people don't know how to get started with a web site project for getting traffic to their site. It could take up to three months or less to get results.

Here are 2 free must have websites to check the status of what Google may think about your website:
http://www.ahrefs.com (shows your site back links)
http://google.com (main tool for research)

You can use the above tools to track the daily status of you website. 
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